Important notice to current year graduates for pg programs!!!

20-7-28 下午3:12 作者:Admission Office 【

Dear applicant,

Based on related dept. requirement, to apply for "clinical type study" in pg programs, applicant must hold and submit HSK level 4 certificate(A Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate ).
But there is No Chinese Language Proficiency requirement in "research type study".
Please check school website to read the current year admission brochure carefully and then consider if you still apply us for the type and major you are suitable to learn.
If you still plan to apply, pls contact us via system to resubmit your application.

Note: a reminder to all the current year graduates: if students will delay graduation this year (those cannot obtain graduation degree and certificate this year), then they may have a try to apply after they graduate with diploma during next year admission.

Best regards

Admission Office