Updated: Extension of Application for 2020 degree programs

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Updated on Sept. 15th


Dear applicants of 2020 degree programs,

    There are still a few places left for the degree programs this year, so we will open the system for undergraduate programs till middle of next month, and for postgraduate programs till the end of this month.


Best regards

Admission office




Updated on Aug. 14th

Dear applicants of 2020 degree programs,


The application for postgraduate programs will again be extended to Aug. 31th this year. And right now the selections for clinical medicine majors are still very competitive for current applicants, while there are less students applying basic medicine fields, such as Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathologic Physiology, Immunology, Cell biology,  Microbiology, Neurobiology, Pathogenic biology, Human anatomy and histoembryology, etc. For new applicants, you may make your decision based on the above mentioned and then finish your application.

Besides, it's not appreciated to apply different majors at the same time. We cannot recommmend the same student to different fields at once. If you were given a chance to change your major, we will inform you and send back your current application for resubmission after school or professor check result is given.


The application for undergraduate programs will be extended to Sept. 15th this year, considering that graduation exams are still delaying in different countries.  


Finally, we'd like to suggest that all the applicants should read the current year admission brochure very carefully and then finish application accordingly.  The school website can be found in system news list.


Note 1. Those who get quick pass not only excel in basic requirement documents, but also present more additional documents to show their excellence, such as HSK 5 or 6 certificate, TOEFL, IELTS, published articles with IF information, thesis, well written CV and study plan, and activities records based on the degree programs levels and types they applied. It's not something you were asked to do, but something you can learn to better your application performance.


Note 2.  Some applicants were spot to provide fake documents, and we hereby remind that those who are not being honest in addmission, your application and admission will be cancelled accordingly.  


Wish you all good luck!


Best regards

Admission office  



Updated on July 20th


Dear applicants of 2020 degree programs,

       Considering that this year the graduation time has been delayed in different countries, we extend the application time till 15th August for you. Please pay attention to it and finish your application before the deadline. 

       Best regards

Admission office of SIE

           July, 2020