A letter to pre-enrolled and enrolled students of 2020 degree programs

20-9-28 上午10:04 作者:Vice Dean of SIE of XZMU 【



Welcome to Xuzhou Medical University! I am the vice dean of School of International Education. Please join in School of International Education via the following contacts.

If you are an intermediary, please forward the email to the freshmen who are recommended to Xuzhou Medical University. Thank you!


Yours, Dr. Zhuoqi Zhang (Vice Dean)

Wechat/Tel. 13775886473


86-516-83262808 (student affairs office)

86-516-83262507 (Vice Dean office)


Registration contact for new students in Xuzhou Medical Unierstiy

QQ group for UG freshmen 2020 batch: 378129889    

Teacher in charge: Chen Xiaoqing,  email:  316340329@qq.com

Volunteer for new UG students:

Josephine Hausi 
WeChat ID: JosephineHAUSI1
Email: josephine.hausi2@gmail.com
Phone number: +8615505152601



QQ group for new PG students 2020 batch: 941672025, Teacher in charge: Gao Yuanyuan, email:  1219940281@qq.com