Notice on application to the degree programs of 2021 and 2022 academic years

22-1-7 下午3:56 作者:SIE 【

Dear applicant,


    We will extend the application time to the degree programs of our university of 2021 academic year. The deadline for UG programs is Jan. 30th, 2022, and for PG programs, it is already closed. (no more extension for 2021 year admission after this time)  

    For 2022 academic year, we plan to open it in the end of March, 2022. We will also share our updated admission information of 2022 in our school website then: Admissions-【新】国际教育学院

Please pay close attention to the news list of our system log in page. And once the 2022 year admission starts, make sure you will first carefully read our school website-current year admission brochure for details in case you miss important information, or submit your application documents inaccurately. You may read the guidance information of last year to learn the basic procedures of application before we start 2022 year admission.

Application Guidance for Degree Programs in 2021-

However, if there is any future change regarding the opening time for 2022 year due to actual situation, we will directly put the news in our system news list with updated school website information: 


Our winter holiday starts from Jan. 12th to Feb. 17th, 2022.  we will check system every Wed. in Jan. in the holiday,and after new semester starts there will be regular check in weekly work days.



for the applicants of 2021 year,  please directly send us message via online system of our school in application process. If you just send emails, we still have to turn back to system to identify your application status and reply you via system.

If you have difficulty in finishing your online application, you can also join our "FAQs in Admission XZMU" QQ group: 857555510 (download QQ or QQ international first and make an account), where our current students will support you based on the work timetable in the group notice board.


for the applicants of 2022 year, please read the admission information of last year from school website to learn about the basic information in admission process. To have a quick look of the 2021 year admission brochures will also give you a general idea of our programs, as the basic information won't be changed a lot in each year admission. Once we start the new academic year admission next semester, you can also directly contact us via school system. Now we haven't open the application for 2022 in system yet.


Our admission work emails are:,  , but it's highly suggested that you'd better directly contact us via your system account-message to administrator(make sure to register in our system with your frequently used email, and read our school website given above before submit application in future). During the application process, applicants shall keep close contact with us via system. ( check your inbox of system after sending msg to us via system and also give replies in time pls.)

Best regards


School of International Education