Important notice to pre-enrolled students of 2021 academic year degree programs

21-4-9 下午5:46 作者:School of International Education 【

Dear applicants, 


Please carefully read all the information given below for details:

1. Kindly ensure you complete the deposit payment (partial tuition fees,    NOT APPLICATION FEE WHICH WE NEVER CHARGE ANY APPLICANT )  and upload the receipt to our system(must put your application number  when transferring fees to university account) , if you have already received our university pre-admission E offer. 

the deposited money will be refunded  after the necessary deductions (as stipulated on Pre-admission offer and our school website)at the
time of registration after formal admission procedures are completed
. Other Charges written on your offer including (1) Physical examination (2) Medical Insurance (3) Residence permit (4) Beddings shall be paid based on actual requirements in new students registration time guided by student affairs office.

Keep the bank paper well with you for possible use when you finally come to school for other necessary registration procedures when the border reopens. Related office of our university will guide all students to go through all procedures accordingly. Students have to pay required fees to the acceptors during all procedures. All fees are not refundable and their use can’t be changed. ]


2. According to the recent government notice, JW202 form cannot be applied before border opens for overseas students to apply study visa

1) So if you are now abroad, please wait sometime, once there is any update, we will let you know via system message and school notices. 

2) If you are currently in China, we will help you apply for the form accordingly, and it takes several weeks to get the form signed and stamped by related dept. from university and government. Students shall have valid visa or residence permit in the whole admission process.   Currently there are still some potential risks to travel in the pandemic time, so it is suggested not to travel around while you are waiting to be formally enrolled.


if there is any change regarding new students JW202 form application no matter you are in China or abroad, we will also inform you in time. 

3. Online courses have been arranged for both new students and old students based on actual situation


4. No matter you were pre-enrolled or formally enrolled,  you can communicate with teachers in charge of freshmen of different programs regarding school open time and arrangement for freshmen according to Chinese government policies and university management under the pandemic.  

Formally Enrolled Students shall come to university ONLY after confirmation with office teachers, otherwise, they shall be responsible for any consequences caused by based on related rules and regulations. 


Student Affairs office contact (for formally enrolled freshmen use):


UG freshman teacher (2021 batch):

Mr. Wang Jiuqing:  email:


PG freshman teacher:

Ms. Gao Yuanyuan: email: 

SIE, Dean: Prof. Zhang Zhuoqi: email:  , 86-516-83262999


We totally understand your feelings during the special time, and we will be with you all together to overcome the difficulty.

Please keep close contact with us via system message during application process, and with other teachers in charge after you are formally enrolled via contacts given above.  

Best regards

School of International Education