Latest notice for pre-enrolled overseas students

21-8-20 下午5:48 作者:SIE 【

Dear applicant,

Based on related rules and policies by government and university, for pre-enrolled students who are currently NOT in China,it is allowed to send formal admission E offer to the applicants, but JW202 is still not permitted to apply during the pandemic time until the border reopens and related government department allows the university to apply for students.


And we shall remind you accordingly that This E-version admission letter shall automatically become invalid, if the student is not able to enter China legally due to various reasons in future when border reopens,including but not limited to failure in obtaining the JW202,  or visa, etc. (对于境外录取新生,根据国家相关政策以及学校相关规定,仍然暂停发放202表,对于由于疫情暂时无法入境的新生,可发放录取通知,但是学生若在日后政策许可入境时,包括但不限于办理签证或入境过程中,由于各种原因无法合法入境者,录取通知书自动作废。)


Best regards

School of International Education