Latest notice for pre-enrolled overseas students

21-8-20 下午5:48 作者:SIE 【

Dear applicant,

Based on related rules and policies by government and university, for pre-enrolled students who are currently NOT in China, it is allowed to send formal admission E offers now. And we will apply JW202 forms for formally enrolled students in future when the border reopens and related government department allows the university to do it for international students. Please kindly wait for our further notices after admission by related office of our school.


And we shall remind you accordingly that it will depend on related government departments to evaluate students' JW202 and X1 visa application in future. This E-version admission offer shall automatically become invalid, if the student is not able to enter China legally due to various reasons in future when border reopens, including but not limited to failure in obtaining the JW202,  or visa, etc.


Best regards


School of International Education